About The Sporting Spaniel Society of NSW

Of the 140 odd breeds recognised by the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC), the sporting spaniels range from some of the most popular to the most rare. Much has been published about the more popular breeds – like the English Cocker and the English Springer Spaniel - however, the lesser known spaniels have largely been overlooked. Hence, in 1994 a group of dedicated Spaniel enthusiasts got together to form the Sporting Spaniel Society of NSW with the aim of showcasing the rarer Gundog Spaniels.

There is a wealth of information about canine general health and care on the web, so the purpose of this website is to introduce you to the characteristics of the 8 Sporting Spaniel breeds. Information on the personality traits, habits, aptitude for training, (as well as grooming and exercise requirements) of each breed, will assist you in deciding which SPANIEL is the RIGHT one for you. In essence, to give you a feel for what it's really like to live with these dogs bearing in mind that, like us, dogs are individuals.

Each year the Club hosts two Championship Show inviting a Spaniel specialist to adjudicate. We would suggest that, if you are considering the addition of a Spaniel to your family, our Show is the perfect place to talk to breeders. In addition to our Championship Shows, the Club participates in the Sydney Pet & Animal Expo and hosts an Award for the Best Rarer Gundog Spaniel at nominated all breed Shows throughout the year.

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